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 Are you organising a local event? You can promote it on this events calendar if:

  • it's held within the Ku-ring-gai local government area
  • open to the general public
  • submitted by the event organiser or authorised agent
  • specific, finalised and confirmed - events with dates to be announced, undetermined locations etc. cannot be listed.

What happens after I submit this form?

Your event will be reviewed and may be edited by our communications team before it is published. We reserve the right to decline any event.

If you want to change, delete or check on the approval status of an event you have already submitted here, please email

Please note: To fit within the event template images must be submitted in the dimension of 500 pxl x 285 pxl.

Event details

One short sentence about the event including the location. This will be displayed on the homepage and in search results.
Six sentences max about what is happening at the event. It will appear on your event page. The summary doesn't appear on the event page so you can repeat information from the summary here.

Or select one from the preset images below:

Date format: dd/MM/yyyy
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